Pete Gage - Blues Has Got Me

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  • 28-10-2018
  • 13-2-2022
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Album: Left Over #Blues, Buy: Lyrics:
Blues has got me,
and I have to make a brand new start.
Blues has got me,
and I have to make a brand new start.
Nothing I can do to please you babe,
so I guess we have to part.
You were the one,
told me your love was true.
You were the one, babe,
told me your love was true.
But you left me for another man,
now what I'm gonna do?

So many times,
I've asked you to come home.
So many times, babe,
I've asked you to come home.
But I've finally realized,
that you're really gone.
Blues has got me,
blues has gotta hold on.
Blues has got me, babe,
blues has gotta hold on.
Only one thing I ask you,
don't forget me please.
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