Ronnie Earl - Slow Blues Guitar Genius - a sampling

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***Update!!!* Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters have a brilliant new album, The Luckiest Man, released Nov '17; Buy it here, it's so so soooo good!: ***

A few clips that stunningly lay bare the guitar greatness of one Ronnie Earl, a man who's clearly lived the Blues of which he plays. Smoking! Smoldering! Simmering - blues!

Question: What are the Blues?
Answer: The Facts of Life

:00 - Ronnie Earl & Nicholas Tabarias - Bull Run, Shirley, MA - Aug. 22, 2014
34:20 Ronnie Earl - The Guitar Show - June 15, 1986
36:10 - Kim Wilson & The Fabulous Thunderbirds with Ronnie Earl - Bull Run, Shirley, MA - May 15, 2016
53:45 - Ronnie Earl - The Guitar Show - January 13, 1989

If interested in purchasing Ronnie Earl's performances on The Guitar Show proceed to this link (what a treasure trove of artists!):

More info on the history of The Guitar Show and its creator, Christian Roebling:

To learn more about John Campbell, who appears in The Guitar Show clip with Ronnie Earl, go here:

Campbell died in 1993, unexpectedly, at 41 years of age. His blues live on...

(many special thanks to youtuber Egeoffm for compiling the Ronnie @ Bull Run footage, Great Great Stuff!)